2023 Coordinated Election
November 7, 2023
Official Results
Last Updated:
12/6/2023 4:50 PM

Election Summary
* Total Registration (Active + Inactive voters) 249,906 Mail Ballots 117,613
* Active Registered Voters 228,121 In-person Ballots 2,014
Property Owner Only Ballots Distributed 171 Property Owner Ballots 145
Total Ballots Counted: 119,772
* Voter Registration Figures as of 7 p.m. Nov 7
12/6 Update:
Required recount for City of Boulder City Council: the Canvass Board met on 12/6 to certify the results of the recount. The results below show updated totals.
See our Ballot Processing page for more information.

City of Boulder Mayoral Candidates
Official Results:
Overview: As with all elections, it typically takes between 1-3 days after Election Day to process the bulk of ballots with the results being released in batches as they are processed (see Ballot Processing page for details).
In ranked choice voting with every batch of ballots processed, if necessary, the voting system conducts “instant runoffs” in rounds until a candidate receives more than 50% of the vote. However, just like with other contests, results can change when a new batch of ballots is added to the total. This means a candidate who appears to be in fourth (or third) (and seemingly “eliminated”) in the first batch of ballots processed may come in higher in the results when the next batch of ballots is added to the total.
For more information on how to understand the results reported below, please review our City of Boulder - Results Reporting explainer page.